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@mtracey You seem to miss the bit where Russian invaded portions of Ukraine. Twice! Whats so wrong with an ally aiding a sovereign government in defending itself?

@andreab45138912 No prime minister is ever elected by the people to that role. And the Russian invasion of Ukraine is one of the primary reasons energy bills are skyrocketing. Support Ukraine, give them what they need to defend themselves and end the conflict.

@Osinttechnical Cope cage? More like a roof rack on which to store more goods 鈥渓iberated鈥 from Ukraine by Russians 馃が

@TobyDurkin69 I find it a bit strange that their Cyber was directed at the West and not Ukraine, a country they were actually planning to invade. And that all their master plans have actually strengthened NATO, not weakened it

@whatkatedidnext Oh yes, right, the Russians! These the same Russian master strategists who are now bogged down in Ukraine after predicting it would all be sorted in weeks? The same ones who have dramatically increased their land border with NATO in recent months?

@PaulReed1111 @tom_king75 Well the EU Covid vaccine fiasco, blocking Russian oil & gas and also delays in support for Ukraine does suggests the EU has its own problems

@nicholadrummond But what about the speed of supply. Germany seemed to take an age to agree to supply equipment to Ukraine and then another age to actually start deliveries. When you are faced by an imminent threat you may need to go for the 80% solution if its available a lot quicker than others

@Osinttechnical Sale??? Isn鈥檛 everyone else gifting kit to Ukraine, not using it as a business opportunity馃く At this rate Ukraine will be spending money with Germany, which will then pass straight to Russia when Germany buys gas 馃が

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