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Apart from legal challenges by the designees, private actors may seek legal actions to compensate their own losses. As the legal framework for the seizure of 馃嚪馃嚭assets is lagging behind, how much of the frozen funds can be actually redirected to Ukraine remains highly uncertain.

A dangerous summer pause in the EU, as no major weapons have been delivered in July, while the disbursement of financial assistance is lagging behind pledges. Combined with sanctions fatigue, this is a precarious development for Ukraine's narrow window for a countereffensive.

Originally destined for Lebanon, the first ship to depart Ukraine under a grain deal was approaching the Syrian port of Tartous after it switched off its AIS. The port is an important econ asset for Russia used as a foothold for cooperation with Crimea. https://t.co/66PhkNJ2ZY

While exporting grain isn't sanctioned, shipping anything from Crimean ports is. Even prior to the war, Crimea was the hotspot for sanctions evasion in the shipping and now its potential for circumvention has grown, as other goods are being looted from Ukraine.

The rise of smuggling in Crimea: around 6% of Russian grain exports this month went from Sevastopol port to Syria and Turkey. According to Ukrainian officials, 500,000t of grain was looted and illegally shipped out of Ukraine. https://t.co/enBBYpgAkJ

The Biden admin has placed 5 Chinese companies on the Entity List for allegedly providing support to Russia鈥檚 military and defence companies before and during the invasion of Ukraine. The majority of entities are involved in producing chips and electronics https://t.co/3C8RRDtrD1

India is capitalizing on Russia's isolation: since the war in Ukraine, India has increased imports of 馃嚪馃嚭crude by more than 25-fold = more than 1/4 of EU imports. As long as 馃嚪馃嚭crude isn't sanctioned, India will continue encouraging its SOEs to purchase it. https://t.co/KtBkbQHnlQ

@BennoZogg @Blickch Russia's red line is the very existance of Ukraine. I don't believe it's "thinkable". Russia views the EU as an extension of NATO/US (whatever Putin says), so it will be perceived as an immediate threat.

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