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Alan Blanes
Organizer, Canada Chapter, Public Banking Institute
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@Naphta71 @LuchG2 @SpencerGuard Many Ukrainians developed workable relations with Germans during WW2 and Stalin was seen as the deliberated starver of Ukraine. All sections of Ukrainian society need to unite in strong solidarity, and put aside historical tragedies, in order to have a solid front against Putin.

@alexgreat @TimothyDSnyder @ZelenskyyUa @U24_gov_ua Correction: these weapons were USSR property, and in the interests of peace and good will, Ukraine relinquished them to Russia in exchange for 'security guarantees'.

@alexgreat @TimothyDSnyder @ZelenskyyUa @U24_gov_ua Ukraine gave its nuclear weapons to Russia in exchange for 'security guarantees' in 1994. Russia has legitimate objections to NATO actions, but these do not excuse murdering innocent Ukrainians.

"Progressive" Democrats Retract Letter on Ukraine with Jill Stein! via @YouTube Green Parties are the most ethical and consistent in following a theory and practice of nonviolence. @SpiritofHo @DrJillStein @ECOWARRIORSS @iQ_S4R4 @sarahcox_bc @EMWResearch

@JenD1974 @CindyJordan01 It sounds like deliberate enemy formation. Hundreds of thousands of Russians have disrupted their own lives to resist this irrational attack on Ukraine. It makes no sense to alienate Russian media or Russian people. Support UNESCO and @CultureOf_Peace NATO should have since 2000

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