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@jogoyette @AamarAamaro @SpecBalzac @CDS_1980_ @HookyFAC51 @Militarylandnet @200_zoka Russia didn't start the war. Russia got Crimea back, it was their territory. Crimea was given to Ukraine in 1956. People in Donbass didn't want to be ruled by puppets. Ukrainians started first and they are mostly responsible for the deaths. They've planned to invade Donbass.

@SadikuBeli @okologist @heyhelloirene Donbass is Russia. You can't even point on a map where Ukraine is. People in Donbass didn't want to be ruled by puppets in Kiev.

@SadikuBeli @okologist @heyhelloirene By force? It was all Russian land. You stole land from Native Americans. People in Donbass are all pro-Russian, in Kherson and other cities too. More than half of Ukraine speaks Russian. It is all over for Ukraine. No more Donbass, Azov Sea and soon no more Black Sea.

@for_ukriane @colonelhomsi @GeromanAT I didn't know that using 200 000 soldiers in Ukraine is whole Russian army. The USA and NATO weapons are getting destroyed before they even get on the battlefield. Nearly 100% of the USA and NATO weapons got destroyed.

@jogoyette @AamarAamaro @SpecBalzac @CDS_1980_ @HookyFAC51 @Militarylandnet @200_zoka And when will you condemn the fact that Ukraine revoked the right for the whole territory of Donbass to vote in 2020? Will you condemn the fact that only the USA and Ukraine voted NO on Resolution to condemn Nazism, Neo-Nazism and other things that are similar with Nazism.

@jogoyette @AamarAamaro @SpecBalzac @CDS_1980_ @HookyFAC51 @Militarylandnet @200_zoka Well sorry but you gotta face the reality. There won't be Azov Sea, Donbass and Black Sea for Ukraine. Population in the south is majority Russian speaking and pro-Russian. In the fall, they will join Russia. We'll be back in 6 months to see what has changed.

@hetmankp @ivan_8848 If you really think that this is all they have, you're wrong. They could have destroyed and captured Ukraine in 3 days, but the casulties would number in millions. I wouldn't like to overestimate Russia. They are a huge nation that knows exactly what they're doing.

@LeslawDietrich @stranahan Yeah. Children of Donbass that were killed by Ukrainian shellings since 2014. You do know that Ukraine killed more than 100 000 Poles during WW2 in Western Ukraine? https://t.co/vDY26bebRF

@jogoyette @AamarAamaro @SpecBalzac @CDS_1980_ @HookyFAC51 @Militarylandnet @200_zoka Did they go and interview everyone in Donbass? Donbass wants and will be a part of Russia. It is over. It is lost for Ukraine. We can go back and talk about how it happened, how it started. We get to the point that Ukraine won't have Donbass as part of its territory.

@jogoyette @AamarAamaro @SpecBalzac @CDS_1980_ @HookyFAC51 @Militarylandnet @200_zoka You have bunch of videos where people of Kherson welcomed Russia. I was in 2010 in Nikolaev, Kherson, Kiev and Western Ukraine. While I was travelling in train, Ukrainians threw rocks at us, just because we were Serbs. While I was in Kherson, everyone was welcoming, pro-Russian +

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