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@MontagueTerrie Yes, notice how they are all eager to say 'Putin's' war in Ukraine

@pepelep48542643 The money going to Ukraine is for laundering, they would have you believe it's for a war.

@LeePPhillips EU, Ukraine. It's psychological manipulation, now that those colours have been rammed down our throats they think they've trained us to 'like' whatvthey represent.

@KathMLee1 @Jag2021X There just happens to be an embryo stem-cell research lab in Ukraine used for beauty products

A caller rang in to Tom Swarbrick on LBC last night saying he鈥檇 sent 3 plane loads of feed over for stricken animals in Ukraine. TS was in disbelief & more or less said f**k the animals. What a diabolical attitude 馃槶

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