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Netherlands to provide Ukraine with air defence missiles worth $15 million.

Reports that more than 100 Russian conscripts from Bryansk refused to go to war in Ukraine.

The first of Iris-T air defence systems arrived in Ukraine.

Bloomberg says Pentagon is accelerating the shipment of air defense systems to Ukraine.

Wow. White House promises Ukraine advanced air defense systems after Russian attacks earlier today.

New York Times says military effectiveness of today's massive Russian missile attack on Ukraine is zero. It will hardly make a serious impact on Ukrainian Army because the most of missiles hit civil infrastructure objects.

Russian Su-25 crashed in Rostov province on the way to Ukraine. Pilot dead.

Wow. Germany says it will supply an anti-aircraft defense system to Ukraine in a few days.

All those grinning bastards in comments, you will see Ukraine WINNING. Just a little patience.

Reuters poll shows 73% of American citizens believe that US must continue supporting Ukraine despite Russian threats to use nuclear weapons.

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