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Lesia Vasylenko
Ukrainian MP, @goloszmin, working mom of 3 lovely humans, lover of freedom, travel and all things gr
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By definition a referendum is a an open vote. It is free expression of public opinion. #Russia鈥檚 actions in #Ukraine do not match this description. Ticking boxes at gunpoint has nothing to do with free and fair voting

Some more good news on this Sunday night. NASAMS arrive in #Ukraine. Of course we say thank you and of course we ask for more. Needless to remind of the size of 馃嚭馃嚘 and the number of #CivilianCasualties because #Russia has a fetish for hitting schools, hospitals and the likes https://t.co/99xMLxwBMB

鈦僺ham referenda will never be recognized 鈦僲obilisation in #russia = more support for #Ukraine#unrussiaUN - the next step in re-establishing world peace Thank you for standing united against #putin鈥檚 empire @POTUS @EmmanuelMacron @OlafScholz @trussliz @JustinTrudeau

First time in 7 months I hear music after curfew on #Kyiv streets. It鈥檚 not yet coming from my local bar, but it鈥檚 a start. #Ukraine has quite a few things to celebrate these last few days. Feeling hopeful

Support for #Ukraine will continue despite all the nuclear blackmail from #russia. Actually #putin鈥檚 statements should only mean that support for Ukraine will increase

Whenever #russia says it鈥檚 not lying, it actually is. So when #putin said today he鈥檚 NOT bluffing about using ALL weapons he has (presumably including nuclear), it is likely to mean that this time he actually IS bluffing. Anyway come what may, #Ukraine continues to fight

Basic math from armed forces of #Ukraine. Wonder if #russia can solve this problem? https://t.co/veoZh4S1ER

Strange to hear #putin talk about 鈥渕odern weapons of destruction鈥 he is ready to deploy against #Ukraine, when #russia military industry is taking apart dishwashers for military components.

Speech from the #kremlin: nothing new. Reaction in #Ukraine: keep calm and carry on

Today is international peace day. In #Ukraine we love peace. We really do. But at this point in time we can enjoy it only if we celebrate victory first. Hope we will establish 馃嚭馃嚘 victory day soon

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