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@Podolyak_M West just cries. See humans inside Ukraine. 鈥榊ou know a picture of Putin's long table: because it's long: HUMILIATE THOSE WHO COME TO TALK, THEY WALK KILOMETERS DELIVERING PAPER. 鈥榟umiliations accustomed to the West.

Very well described and real. Pay attention to journalists..... countries around the world are like that, day after day busy with their 'breadwinner'. Ukraine? they don't even know what that is. I said what is THIS!

@ZelenskyyUa @POTUS At this point of real danger: Request to exchange faith in Ukraine with the president of the congress!

@NikaMelkozerova It's really NATO's fault. The US is also less than emphatic in its leadership of NATO. There is no VOICE in NATO! We will take notice when the world sees the bloody massacre in Ukraine. That's why it's too late. Way is like 2014, 'forget it' and get on with life in Taiwan!

@TheEconomist @superforecaster Unless he makes a foolproof deal for Speaker Presidency with Kevin McCarthy. Guarantee that Ukraine will come out 'alive' at the end of the war!

@SamRamani2 There must be Israel-Ukraine intelligence actions against Iran immediately. Jumbo size.

@EuromaidanPress Putin celebrates the New Year by destroying and killing in Ukraine.

@Danijela071 The expected recession for 2023 is disappearing. The gain of the Democratic party is in this bet. No Recession is for help Ukraine and the presidency. Ukraine has to contribute in FRONT against Russia.

@NoMoreNATO Why not extinguish NATO! So Putin is satisfied and all the members too! They don't do anything anymore. It is illusory to maintain NATO, in practice it is a corrupt institution. Otherwise, how does Russia still keep Ukraine on the ground?

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