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@ClimateAudit If Meloni chose to fill the diplomacy vacuum that currently exists with Russia Ukraine war she鈥檇 have credibility with both sides.

@HansMahncke Just saying the leftists will find a way to love a Ukraine supporting Italian govt. We鈥檒l see.

@PattyMurray Stop sending billions of our tax dollars to Ukraine. It鈥檚 illegal and a huge waste of money.

@EzraACohen Not a Russian bot here but you sound like an idiot. There are a lot of suspects but the Russian people sure aren鈥檛 at the top of the list. To suggest that Ukraine isn鈥檛 at the top and that it wasn鈥檛 a major fu makes you sound like a bot!

@AP Why is there no reporting on why the US or any western country is even in the Ukraine war much less supporting it w progressively more lethal weapons. No argument has been presented to the American people for this war w Russia.

@Kik2k @NPR Putin started a war in Ukraine not U.S. sorry if you can鈥檛 understand that.

@Kik2k @NPR Biden started a U.S. war w Russia. Ukraine isn鈥檛 a NATO ally and we have no other treaty w them. There鈥檚 no justification for our involvement fighting Russia in Ukraine.

@ClimateAudit 鈥渢oday鈥檚 west Ukraine welcomed the Nazi advance鈥, highly doubtful. Ukr had one of Eur鈥檚 largest populations of Jews which the Nazi鈥檚 finished off thx to the killing machine that was the Einsatzgruppen. There were collaborators but that鈥檚 true of many Eur countries.

@PattyMurray You started a war with Russia. Literally. Climate will change drastically with the onset of nuclear winter, consider that as you vote over and over to escalate the war in Ukraine.

The Biden admin Russia war in Ukraine is opaque and incomprehensible because there鈥檚 no narrative being put forward by the IC and propaganda press that鈥檚 compelling or logical. They鈥檙e ignoring it and we鈥檙e letting them.

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