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@TThesis2 @AniaKoniec Believe it or not, Polish relations with all of our neighbors bar Belarus are historically difficult and brutal. And with Ukraine it’s been barbaric. Last I checked, Yevgenii Beria is not Hero of the Russian Federation. Stepan Bandera and, Roman Shukhevych meanwhile…

@cavebeater @thfcmxtt @SirajAHashmi Its The Bandera flag in which Upa genocided 100k polish peasants under the orders of *Nazi* collaborators Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych, currently known as heroes of Ukraine

@AniaKoniec Actually plausible?! They’ve realized it’s a sunk cost for them in Ukraine anyways, and with tensions rising between Biden and Ze, wouldn’t be shocked if it’s their get out of jail card

If true, I’m assuming they’d be going in once more on Kharkov/Kharkiv. Although, concentrating, as opposed to dispersing them seems risky when the Pentagon is feeding Ukraine with intel

@eyrena_zh @prowincjusz1 @prezydentpl @AndrzejDuda I assume by “provoked by Nazis” you mean well known SS Nachtigal Sturmfuhrer and Hero of Ukraine, Roman Shukhevych https://t.co/uaZSJOnMOw

@Rickbrick75 Should the Russians be basing arms inside a nuclear plant? Absolutely not. Should Ukraine be shelling a nuclear plant given the implications? F*ck no. Like I said, Hitler, Satan and Stalin could be having a party in there and I’d still consider it lunacy to

@Rickbrick75 I feel like burden of proof is on Ukraine here, because it is rare for people to shell territory they themselves occupy unless they’ve gone utterly mad, whereas shelling territory the other guy occupies is like, the entire point. Occam’s Razor.

The worst thing about the whole Ukraine debacle is the amount is the suffering innocent people in Donbas and all over the rest of country are going through, all betrayed by western and western-backed domestic politicians and financiers

US media are doing a total 180 on Ukraine, wow

@litauctj Thing is, Taiwan can’t be fully compared to Ukraine, 8 years of combat experience in one conflict, neither China or Taiwan have fought anything since the 50s. They’re both novices

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