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Russia has put Marina Ovsyannikova, 44, former state TV editor who interrupted a news broadcast to protest against Ukraine war, on a wanted list after she reportedly escaped house arrest. Ukrainian-born, fined 30,000 roubles for shunning protest laws, left with her 11yr old girl.

Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska, 52, has been indicted on a charge of sanctions evasion, part of an ongoing effort by the Justice Department to hold wealthy Russians with ties to Putin accountable for violating U.S. laws as Russia鈥檚 war in Ukraine rages on.

U.S. Embassy in Russia is urging Americans in the country to leave & warning U.S. citizens to not travel to Russia after Putin ordered a call-up of 300k men to join war in Ukraine. Embassy said Russia may prevent U.S. citizens from leaving & conscript dual nationals into military

Protests continue to sweep across Russia, including in Moscow, St. Petersburg & other big cities, in a defiant turnout against Putin鈥檚 mobilization of hundreds of thousands of reservists to fight in Ukraine. At least 796 demonstrators were detained by Russian authoritie.

As part of the Prisoners swap, Moscow agreed to release foreigners as well as 215 Ukrainians, including more than 100 members of Azov. In return, Ukraine said it released Viktor Medvedchuk, 55 Russian & Pro-Russian fighters.

At UNGA, President Biden reaffirms commitment to 2-state solution for Israelis & Palestinians. The President said proposed peace strategy is best for both peoples; accuses Russia of violating tenets of global body鈥檚 charter with 鈥榖rutal, needless鈥 invasion of Ukraine

Putin ordered a partial military mobilization & said the war in Ukraine will continue. He repeated his false claims that Russia is clearing 鈥淣azis鈥 out of eastern Ukraine & announced a plan to call up reservists. The war鈥檚 main goals's liberation of the entire territory of Donbas

RUSSIAN FORCES TERRORIZED residents throughout their 6-month occupation of Izyum, a strategic hub in northeast Ukraine, with witnesses & victims this week recounting the torture, killings & forced disappearances that soldiers carried out, the Ukrainians now in control.

Approximately 450 graves of civilians were found, and 20 are Ukrainian soldiers. 99% of bodies exhumed every day in Izium have signs of torture & violent death. 20 #Ukraine soldiers were found with tied hands; they were tortured & shot at point blank. Genocide sanctioned by Putin

President Putin bans the terms "War or even Invasion" , threatening journalists with jail term if their reporting violates those directives. To him, this's a "Special Military Operations." Analysts see this as a frustrational reaction since his troops are losing ground in Ukraine

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