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M茅tis. Art is universal language. Hiphop is culture. paper, screens, engineers are 2D. I prefer using all 5 senses for 5D. The eyes only see a flat earth.
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@ZelenskyyUa @JustinTrudeau The women and children are Ukraine. You鈥檙e nobody and you sold them for paper and perceived prestige. Sad.

@ZelenskyyUa @vonderleyen Germany and Ukraine leading the world. An Anglo-Saxon dream team.

@apmassaro3 They鈥檙e monkeys with guns. Standard European policy for about 500 years. Divide and conquer. They鈥檒l own Russia and Ukraine in the end. The women and children are Ukraine and they鈥檝e been sold so there is no Ukraine. Just psychopaths with guns destroying things

@Ukraine Where鈥檚 your women and children? They are Ukraine. What happens to all the weapons after the war? What ends war?

@Ukraine I know countries are corporations and corporations are people now but this doesn鈥檛 sound like people. Is it an advertisement or charity? Make your own weapons. If it were Poland they would be inventing all kinds of shit. You sound lacking innovation and tweaking. https://t.co/fukS6ZE5J2

@ThomasL47383993 @elonmusk I learned something, but England, France and Spain did that to the entire continent of America to us so like our government is our Russia and Ukraine is trusting our Russia because they fear the actual Russia and honestly dude I鈥檓 pretty sure tyrants are playing musical chairs.

@NikaMelkozerova If you love Ukraine, then don鈥檛 focus on who your men are fighting. Focus on who is teaching your children and if the women are safe.Because that鈥檚 how the Jesuits and imperialists work is they attack from one side and like cattle herd the children into the arms of indoctrination

@NikaMelkozerova It鈥檚 textbook Jesuit and imperialism. Arm Ukraine then the same people that sold you weapons will steal your country while your men fight, then europe will teach your children to hate their parents and country and have your own children hate you because that鈥檚 what europe does.

@JonMaloy @theobliterator1 @maxseddon If I have to fight for either of them to achieve their victory then respectfully, that鈥檚 fascism. That鈥檚 corporate and state powers aligning while under medical tyranny. The only people that have killed my family have been Europeans, so I do not trust Ukraine or Russia. Ever.

@JonMaloy @theobliterator1 @maxseddon If you want to make it about Russia and Ukraine then Russian people and Ukrainian people don鈥檛 deserve to die as both are imperial European powers of fascism and communism because they are led by weak men with failed ideologies. I yield. https://t.co/7LQIp4UOfz

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