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Inverclyde Labour, LGBT Labour and Ally member of JLM. Through my Islamic Jewish Allies we Make up A
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@KareemRifai Russia has to be completely defeated. Also if Ukraine wants to join NATO let them in now.

@KyleWOrton If we stand with Ukraine and Iranian women. There can be no deal with Iran. Indeed we should tighten sanctions. Also admit Ukraine into NATO immediately.

@peterjukes So we should back Ukraine to the hilt. Even if that means going on the ground. It would be quickest way to save Ukraine and tell Russia to think again.

@almurray Blame it on innocent Ukraine, rather than their mad ideology.

So Belarus calling us it's war. War's can spread. Why Ukraine has to be protected at all costs.

@KareemRifai OMG how insidious is there hate. Aids is still a major health condition. Also Ukraine is currently defending all Democracies.

@splootman The choice of prison or likely death is scary. Let's face it Ukraine fighting all the way for it's survival.

@AdamKinzinger So much of a terrorist state time to kick it off of UN Security Council. Putin's modern day Hitler like invasion of Ukraine is anti world security. As you are a rare bipartisan rep, like Biden.

@7ellis96 They really hate hate him. It's good Ukraine is successful fighting them back.

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