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@NResh777 @EddieK_1987 @mikepompeo Funny how every time a democrat gets in office Putin feels empowered and takes a little more of Ukraine.

@canavanruth @efisherman2 @invenerial @sully4846 @ACTBrigitte If trump was president now Putin would鈥檝e stayed in his lane. And Ukraine would still be safe. The last time biden was in the White House Putin invaded and seized crimea.

@canavanruth @efisherman2 @invenerial @sully4846 @ACTBrigitte Trump gave us the best economy in history. With the lowest ever black unemployment and greatest job participation coupled with military strength. Putin wouldn鈥檛 had even entertained the idea of invading Ukraine with trump in charge. And can鈥檛 forget being energy independent

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