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@RepDerekKilmer @forestservice Since @RepDerekKilmer seems determined to talk about anything else rather than the reality in Ukraine, refuses to talk to constituents about the war he supports 馃挴here is an honest assessment about what is actually going on from an American Colonel https://t.co/P8yBA2p6W3

@thatdayin1992 But allot of people will make allot of money before Ukraine is destroyed. Poland will get their piece. CIA is running the shop

@RepDerekKilmer @PortofSeattle @SamChoTweets Remember everyone, @RepDerekKilmer loves the war in Ukraine, supports 200 BILLION spent there so far, another endless war he will never fight in but surely will profit from. Meanwhile these encampments are everywhere https://t.co/TxspXDTHW3

@RepDerekKilmer @RepMGP @RepNewhouse @PattyMurray @RepAdamSmith @RepDelBene @RepStricklandWA @RepRickLarsen @RepJayapal @RepKimSchrier @RepDerekKilmer out of control crime, people can鈥檛 afford fuel/food, 200 Billion for a war in Ukraine, interest rates up, housing unaffordable, border open with drugs pouring in and a lack of morgue space and you post about a chicken? Here is real life in WA

@nowthisnews Gun control in the US while the US sends 200 BILLION of guns and lethal weapons with zero audit to Ukraine. Beyond ironic

@RepMGP Why are democrats voting no to an audit of the 200 BILLION that has been sent to Ukraine? We are now sending tanks, what next? Weapons are being sold on the black market #RageAgainstWar is having a rally Feb 19 are you going to be there? https://t.co/atltFpBHq9

@GigHarborNow Meanwhile 150 BILLION to Ukraine to fight a proxy war with Russia.

@RepDerekKilmer Why does @RepDerekKilmer talk about protecting the ocean & support a proxy war in Ukraine that has already caused a massive environmental catastrophe when the US & British blew up Nordstream 1&2 ocean pipelines? Because it makes his donors big money https://t.co/WV5mJK98ld

@RepDerekKilmer @fmechamber Hey @RepDerekKilmer we are now sending tanks to Ukraine, do you support sending troops? Is that coming next? 200 BILLION so far spent by taxpayers on this proxy war with Russian and with no VOTE from taxpayers to start WW3

@RepDerekKilmer You talk about environmental protection but give 100% support to the proxy war in Ukraine, Nordstream 1&2 blown up, you voted AGAINST an audit of money spent in Ukraine

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