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@HalfTater It鈥檚 why MSM aired the phenomenon of 馃懡 sightings a few months ago. They鈥檝e give us the Plandemic, lockdowns, the planned Ukraine war with nukes fear porn. Aliens is the only card they have left 馃槀 https://t.co/f4VSJRAcdu

@Roberta9996 @bidetmarxman @TFL1728 He鈥檚 just as complicit as the other leaders. They鈥檙e all in it together. Planned decades ago, just like the other wars. This conflict is designed to destroy the economies of European continent & roll in Charter cities, first in Western Ukraine & then a new Digital Banking system. https://t.co/7X1KWNVzqX

@DagnyTaggart963 Theatre continues at G20. So they can all rub shoulders and kiss each other鈥檚 arse at how well their planned conflict has gone, by killing innocents & dividing people, whilst getting ready for smart cities to be built in West Ukraine.

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