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Kaja Kallas
Eesti Vabariigi peaminister, Prime Minister of Estonia 馃嚜馃嚜
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As #Russia wants to bomb #Ukraine into darkness, we will only increase our support. Strong call from Nordic-Baltic countries in #Kyiv for more military aid to Ukraine, more sanctions, accountability for aggression, using Russian funds for reconstruction. https://t.co/C9ZtlGUwDl

Welcomed Minister-President of Belgian region #Flanders @JanJambon. Discussed help to Ukraine. Practical cooperation between Flanders and @EstDevEstonia is valuable and hope to scale it up. We share similar mindset with Flemish people and we should find more ways to cooperate. https://t.co/m1OIdWmqq2

Our main takeaway from this: the aggressor will never stop unless he is stopped. The longer it takes, the harder it gets. We must keep supporting Ukraine 鈥 by giving more military support, more humanitarian aid, more financial support. This is the way towards peace. 3/4

What it shows is the seriousness of Russian aggression and that its consequences go beyond Ukraine. What is clear is that this incident would never have taken place without a full-scale war against Poland麓s neighbour Ukraine. The sole culprit behind this war is Russia. 2/4

In this part of Europe, we remember the face of Russian occupation painfully well. Large countries can make mistakes and survive. For small ones, the margin of error is much smaller 鈥 the policy to stop Russian aggression in Ukraine is an existential matter to us. 10/12

The pillars of our response to Russia must be: supporting Ukraine; increasing the price of aggression and ending impunity for Russia; strengthening our own security. All these strands of work must continue for the long term. 9/12

Regarding peace 鈥 unless Kremlin gives up on its goal of conquering new territories in Ukraine, it's hard to believe in prospect of real peace talks. I hope Europe's learnt that appeasement only strengthens the aggressor. The aggressor will never stop unless he is stopped. 8/12

The Russian strategy vis-脿-vis Euro-Atlantic community is built around three weapons: pain, fear, and hope. 1. The pain of starving Europe from energy. 2. Fear of nuclear war. 3. Hope to pressure Ukraine into a peace agreement granting Russia parts of conquered territory. 5/12

We had the Tokyo and Nuremberg tribunals, but there was never a Moscow tribunal. If people鈥檚 minds and eyes are shut before past atrocities, there are no limits to committing new ones in the future. This is exactly what we see Russian soldiers doing right now in Ukraine. 4/12

馃УIn my speech "The Battle of Our Time" @PaasikiviS, I asked: Do we grasp the magnitude of what's happening in #Ukraine? And what would be the price of failure? This war isn't just about Ukraine but the rules-based world order and future security architecture of Europe. 1/12 https://t.co/RSUHnoT6bL

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