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@Gerashchenko_en Does Ukraine even have a rank that is named commander? And how the hell would a 23 year old even be able to hold that level of seniority if it is equivalent to the western ranks?

@Pottingpinks @ThatTylerPopp @anders_aslund Dude try to get a grip about the chronological order of events in Ukraine before commenting on a typo. Donbass happened after the Maidan coup 馃槈. Try to give the bbc article a read if its not too mentally challenging.

@AlinaMilic @MatasMaldeikis We dont blame Ukraine. We blame our leaders to support a war that has nothing to do with the EU (pressured by US) which has partly led to unseen levels of inflation for decades and a coming recession. BTW we support you, not the other way around. You are welcome.

@reseaunemrod @DefensorFideiPL @apmassaro3 Macron nor Scholz have said they would accept Ukraine in the near future. Accepting them would totally undermine the rule of law as Ukraine does not comply to the EU convergence criteria, corruption or human rights standards

@missdaphnem @katka_cseh Well african students fleeing the war in Ukraine should go back to their home country and not Europe since its perfectly safe in their home country. They have no legitimate reason to enter Europe.

@missdaphnem @katka_cseh We dont discriminate against refugees but economic migrants that do not belong in Europe. Ukraine is a good example as its mainly women and children (fleeing an actual war).

@minimeadow @MSTalokonnikoff @FinanceLancelot I didnt want war at all. Maybe it would have been avoided if the US did not do everything to destabilize Ukraine and the region long before 2014.

@minimeadow @MSTalokonnikoff @FinanceLancelot They are a threat to your world dominance? What has Russia done to threaten the USA? Attacking Ukraine is not threatining to the US since you have no legitimate business to interfere there.

@Lord__Isa @AutismDeviant @reda_2mz @PatriotsDZ I am quite sure most grain comes from Ukraine/Russia 馃槈 and we both know africa does not have the know-how to produce semiconductors and other componenents made from cobalt and rare earths.

@TobiasE45 @apmassaro3 Yes let us do that. Those bastards are not following the americans as 馃悜. Lets also kick them out of the EU and take in Ukraine. Ah wait, there would not be any EU left 馃ぁ.

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