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@GordonGChang Where is Xi ? something happened there his friendship with Russia and not vetoing the sending of parts that helped Iranians building drones for war against Ukraine have something in common with actual troubles. In Teheran also, coincidence maybe but feels strange.

@SpringLeafWolf @visegrad24 Still they are in reserve ready to be shipped, Putin remain on the idea he can invade all of Ukraine with a 3 Milio guys fresh army we see how it develop in the next days.

@RALee85 @oryxspioenkop I saw lot of them that you can't repair anyway looking at the turret flying championships actually on the run in Ukraine. T62 T72 T80 T90 we know all ruskies tankies now, only one is missing Armada (the big one) but yeah maybe they need it soon to guard the red square or parade.

@visegrad24 Wait it was a western conspiracy to stole grain from Ukraine and now Russia is getting it back on the right track by shipping it abroad to allies like Syria a country awarded for it's democratic values (like the infamous barrel explosive bomb on own civilians for ex) BS as usual.

@u24_news Where did this guy get his jacket? Do they think because wearing black strict clothes and threatening each two days with nukes with fantasmagoric maps we would be scared to death,ah common guys it's a kido mentality more and more weapons to Ukraine will erase your bad greed will.

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