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Increasingly hopeful this is correct. Every day makes it increasingly so as the autumn mud season sets in (though most Ukrainians and trusted experts on the war say the fall mud season is much less dramatic in Ukraine than the spring one we saw).

@SpaghettiKozak @areidross @mage_against (BTW, just realized that my last line could be read...problematically. "Getting the Russian MILITARY out of Ukraine is a great first step." People of Russian ancestry who want to live in Ukraine and contribute to its continued growth and prosperity should stay.)

@SpaghettiKozak @areidross @mage_against It didn't exist pre-war and there's no clear indication of how popular it would be absent continued Russian aggression. Wanna get rid of it? Getting the Russians out of Ukraine is an awesome first step.

If Starlink is truly losing increasing amounts of money as it adds users across Ukraine, in an environment that would seem to prove its value best AND serve as great ad for how useful it is, then that's a business model issue.

Not-a-sex-worker @Pogggio1 used tweet threads of herself, mostly nude, and donated pics from fans to raise money to get fighters in Ukraine a new truck. And they themed the truck off of her, lol

Broke: Attacking into Ukraine with no training, equipment, or support Woke: Attacking into Moscow with everything you can steal, homemade weapons, and thousands of your closest comrades.

@hamilcarenina @blackintheempir Honestly, my worries about a third Russian invasion are almost entirely about how I don't want a generation of Russian men to disappear for one tyrant's vanity. Not-at-all worried about Ukraine's ability to repulse this. The best leaders, troops, and equipment are already gone

Ukraine is winning. Ukraine will win. Every day that we slow-walk the weapons needed for liberation is another day that Russian torture chambers operate.

Really hope Ukraine and ISW are right about this. But Lukashenko is claiming that Ukr has threatened Belarus and ordered a military review Though I do think the most likely outcome, long-term, of a Belarusian attack across the border would be Lukashenko losing power.

@SpaghettiKozak @geraldcelente Loving these replies. "We're barely holding the line in one spot. It is obvious we're winning." Pretty sure the only reason Russians will have the privilege of freezing in Ukraine this winter is because mud season and winter will slow Ukraine's progress.

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