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I loved the speech by president Zelensky at the @TheAcademy awards. I’m certain it encouraged others to continue supporting Ukraine & reminded people that the war is still happening. Oops, sorry, scratch that. @TheAcademy gave a platform to a russian imperialist instead.

‘Navalny’ not only being nominated but also winning an Oscar while @TheAcademy refused to provide President Zelensky with just a few minutes to speak about russia’s genocidal war against Ukraine clearly demonstrates how screwed up, morally corrupt, and unfair this world is.

It’s absolutely incomprehensible how some folks are STILL justifying russia’s invasion and/or promoting the “two sides to this war” narrative when russian propagandists on national TV word-for-word state that: A) Ukraine shouldn’t exist B) Ukrainians shouldn’t exist

Ukraine, you are and always will be with me. No matter what. Ontario’s newest lawyer. https://t.co/s5TsDODJGs

There has been less and less conversation about Ukraine. I get it - people get tired of talking/hearing about war. But your attention is crucial. We need foreign support. We need people to care like they cared on February 24th, 2022. Please continue supporting Ukraine.

Ukrainians are being murdered for saying “Glory to Ukraine”. Let that sink in. This is GENOCIDE.

Me when I see “anti-imperialist” folks with a hammer-and-sickle in bio spreading nonsense about Ukraine while fully showing support to russia, the invading country https://t.co/BgiOf0cTUR

Repeat after me: NATO is a defensive alliance. No country was ever forced into joining NATO. NATO is not the cause of the russian war against Ukraine. NATO soldiers are not fighting for Ukraine. If Ukraine was part of NATO, this war would have probably never happened.

“Ukrainians and Ukraine supporters all use the same language when talking about this war!” says a lunatic who’s been parroting the “NATO expansion”, “Nazis in Ukraine”, and “proxy war” Kremlin talking points since February 24th, 2022 (if not earlier) like a broken radio.

Bakhmut, Ukraine before and after. All thanks to the “russian peace” and “russian world”. https://t.co/ldVQdxPN2F

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