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@JoeBlowIdunno12 @Gritty20202 @JohnnyAkzam There's no practical difference. It was done to further the Soviet Union's geopolitical objectives. It's the same for the US and Ukraine. I don't assume neither does what they do out of the goodness of their hearts.

@Mr_Sando44 @PrincipledProg1 @jimmy_dore what we have here? Right, the usual #NAFO crazy trying hard for people to cringe away from supporting Ukraine.

@Figim_ @stefangozdz @L0uS3n @apmassaro3 Your stupid insistence on doing Nazi apologia only helps Putin's narrative that this is about denazifying Ukraine. When people see you defending that Nazi PoS they're understandably disgusted.

@Figim_ @stefangozdz @L0uS3n @apmassaro3 wow, you still can't get it through your thick skull, can you? You should avoid the stupid mistake of idolising Bandera EXACTLY because it has nothing to do with Russia invading Ukraine.

@Figim_ @stefangozdz @L0uS3n @apmassaro3 don't further Russian talking points by behaving exactly like they say all Ukrainians behave. Are you really this stupid? Why do you insist on lending credence to Putin's narrative that he is "denazifying Ukraine"?

@Figim_ @stefangozdz @L0uS3n @apmassaro3 no, I just don't think Ukraine has to resort to Nazi apologia in order to survive. Moreover, doing so is detrimental to their cause and a great validator of Putin's narrative so they should stop effin' doing it.

@__eminx @ThatTylerPopp @apmassaro3 eh, Bandera was a Nazi. It's 1000000% a gotcha. Don't want to be called Nazi? Don't associate with Nazis that proudly display their Nazism. Massaro is at the very least a (very dumb) Nazi apologist that does a great deal of damage to Ukraine's image around the world.

@mittenbery @ClareDalyMEP "let's embrace European neocolonialism to help Ukraine" 馃檭

@Justinhead1982 @ClareDalyMEP ah, the usual measured, reasonable response from #NAFO 馃檮 These crazies aren't going to stop until everyone hates Ukraine.

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