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BREAKING: The U.S. will be sending Ukraine an additional $1 billion in weapons, including more ammunition for HIMARS — the largest single batch of military aid since the start of Russia’s invasion.

NEW: A ship loaded with more than 26,000 metric tons of corn sailed out of Ukraine’s blockaded ports today — the first such ship to sail since Russia’s invasion. There are 16 more vessels ready to bring grain to world markets under a deal signed by Russia and Ukraine. 🌽 🇺🇦

NEW: U.S. officials told lawmakers during a classified briefing that more than 75,000 Russian troops had been killed or injured in the war against Ukraine, a number that far exceeds earlier estimates.

BREAKING: Ukraine says that its defense forces have used U.S-supplied HIMARS rocket systems to destroy at least 50 Russian ammunition depots, since receiving the weapons last month.

Why is Russia so vulnerable to HIMARS in Ukraine?

NEW: Russian missiles have hit the Ukrainian port city of Odesa, just one day after Ukraine and Russia agreed on a deal that would allow vital grain exports from the region to resume.

BREAKING: The Pentagon is now considering providing Ukrainian defense forces with fighter jets, a long-standing request by Ukraine.

BREAKING: Russia and Ukraine signed an agreement today to release 20 million tons of grain stuck in Ukraine’s Black Sea ports. The deal was brokered by the U.N. and Turkey after several months of negotiations.

BREAKING: The U.S. is considering giving Ukraine A-10 Warthog ground-attack planes. 🇺🇦 🇺🇸

BREAKING: The White House announced today that the U.S. is sending an extra $270 million in security assistance to Ukraine, including additional medium-range rocket systems and 580 Phoenix Ghost kamikaze drones.

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