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So according to Don Jr., his daddy鈥檚 brilliant plan to end the war is to cut off military aid to Ukraine and force them to surrender. Got it.

Reeling from domestic criticism over Ukraine鈥檚 deadly strike on a troop barracks in occupied Donetsk, Russia鈥檚 Defense Ministry said the use of cellphones by its own soldiers enabled the attack. That led to further outrage from some Russian lawmakers & the families of servicemen.

BREAKING: At least 63 Russian soldiers were killed in a Ukrainian rocket strike in occupied Donetsk, in one of the deadliest single strikes against Russian forces in Ukraine since the war began. #SlavaUkraini

NEW: The cousin and cash handler for one of Russia鈥檚 most notorious oligarchs poured tens of thousands of dollars into electing GOP Congressman-elect George Santos, who called Ukraine鈥檚 government 鈥渁 totalitarian regime.鈥

GOOD NEWS! Gas prices have fallen to the point where the national average is now cheaper than a year ago, even with the war in Ukraine and OPEC+ production cutbacks. According to AAA, the average price is $3.32 today鈥攁nd GasBuddy says it could fall below $3 as soon as Christmas.

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