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@DiscoTrader @lorreca @anders_aslund It's "maskirovka", Russia thinks it can blame Ukraine for this, hurt Europe enough that we won't support Ukraine, or at least mistrust Ukraine. It's been tried before, without much success, but Putin is desperate. They are not earning enough on NS now anyway.

@MatsLBengtsson @Irmelines @ChuckPfarrer Yeah, and Mikael Oscarsson will personally make it happen, no matter the cost of Sweden's own defence. A cynical political spin to gain votes in the gen election on the behalf of Ukraine, so damn pathetic it makes the head spin!

@ChuckPfarrer How the f**k do you know Chuck!?? You've started reporting stuff that is not checked! Please! If the Sweden, the most "open" country in the world, managed to ship Archer system to Ukraine without breaking OpSec, it would be the feat of the century! 馃う

@HeliosRunner @ChuckPfarrer I bow to your wisdom friend. And I'm not afraid to acknowledge my mistakes. I'll speak to K to be more careful with his news. It does NOT help the Ukraine to state false success. It's not needed.

recognizing the DNR and LNR as Russian "subjects" - that these areas are annexed, as Crimea was. These spur-of-the-moment discussions suggest that Ukraine's ongoing northern counter-offensive is leading to panic among proxy forces and some Kremlin decisions. (3/8)

Media reports that the Russian bastards want a #referendum in the occupied areas of Ukraine September 23-27. https://t.co/a3Q0SKtbUF Well, this is NOT something that #Putin is keen on right now, at least I wouldn't be. The (1/8)

@HeliosRunner Oh but you're worth more followers. Few in the Ukraine war twitterverse are as good as you are when evaluating OSINT reports. Just try to work on your English punctuation 馃槀 鉂わ笍馃憡

@Spectator0071 @ControlCompli8 @gbrumfiel @iaeaorg Dude, any sane person on this earth should be pro Ukraine. I'm just trying to find proper evidence or reports from trusted sources. People just blurt out things.

Your typical Ukraine pilot doing a fly-by over the colonel's daughter 馃槀 SLAVA UKRAINI!

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