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Does anyone doubt Ukraine will win? They鈥檙e clubbing on the battlefield!馃槄

I want to thank Ryan for starting the GoFundMe page for Viktor and for all your donations. As many know Ryan was in Ukraine recently and located hundreds of mines and helped dispose of them. We all loved Viktor because it鈥檚 impossible not to https://t.co/Woa2AvH2lE

Tonight is a traditional Ukraine ceremony and tomorrow is final funeral/burial for Viktor. My friend will finally be at rest https://t.co/Y3S4L0ufOf

I see many of your tweets looking to donate various items. You can contact our twitter site @RipleysHeroes . We have a wonderful woman here in Ukraine who is working with us to organize this. Please contact her. Thank you

I feel as if I should give more good news and I assure you there鈥檚 more good than bad. Ukraine has come a long way since Feb 24. This is a real army now but still trying to get them the equipment they need everyday. Particularly we are focused on cold weather gear. Tough winter

@blackcyborg009 Ukraine is getting better, Russians are getting worse. Simply put, we will win. These men are not giving up their country until there is only one man left and even he will die for it.

I told him if he鈥檚 going to take pictures of me I鈥檇 do the same so he tried to calm the police on me. Luckily no one in Ukraine gives a fuck about a washed up American calling police on another washed up American 馃ぃ馃ぃ

And that鈥檚 is a very condensed story of the truth so if you need to shit on me, I鈥檒l buy you a ticket to Ukraine and you can do it in person, if not, fuck off

And what if I told you I lived on the streets because I was thrown away as a child and somehow some way made something of myself and one day became successful, have the American dream and sacrifice it all for Ukraine.

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