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You created a Blue Wall of corporate oppression disguised as one big Democracy Virtue Signal as you stan for a 100% corporate controlled pro-war, anti-worker party that is sending $80 billion to Ukraine while denying us Healthcare & a living wage. HOORAY!

Amazing to me that people are so easily propagandized they think the U.S. government cares about the people of Ukraine. We鈥檙e using the people of Ukraine as cannon fodder for an economic proxy war with Russia so the West can sell more Liquified Natural Gas to Europe. #Uniparty

Will another $80 billion to Ukraine help? If not, our society is out of ideas.

Turns out the Ukraine war is a big Con just like Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia鈥. if you thought for a second the U.S. cared & was helping the people of Ukraine you are,of course, a huge chump. Your government is 100% corrupt & we鈥檙e ending the way all empires end.

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