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@thelonelydalek @CaaOperator @youngiam99 @QuickFang_ @tuffy______ @samstreetwrites All your tweets imply that: Ukraine has no agency, it only exists to do American bidding. The racist doesn't have to call himself one before you conclude he is one.

@thelonelydalek @CaaOperator @youngiam99 @QuickFang_ @tuffy______ @samstreetwrites You don't listen to what I say - this particular brand of "Nazis" doesn't care about you, they are defined by their anti-Polonism. And now, when Ukraine is so dependent on help from Poland, there's a chance to cleanse that filth a bit. It already started.

@thelonelydalek @CaaOperator @youngiam99 @QuickFang_ @tuffy______ @samstreetwrites In the end you're still projecting sins of a minority on entire Ukraine. Fine, maybe you'll understand that: Justin because Trudeau is an authoritarian piece of crap, doesn't mean that the entire nation of Canada deserves to suffer for it, even though they voted for him twice.

@thelonelydalek @CaaOperator @youngiam99 @QuickFang_ @tuffy______ @samstreetwrites "Appear in every photo op" - only if you follow very selected info cycled among the people determined to hate Ukraine. I don't care about your confirmation bias. If you would search info from broader variety of sources, you wouldn't have that problem.

@thelonelydalek @CaaOperator @youngiam99 @QuickFang_ @tuffy______ @samstreetwrites meant to pester American enemies. Ukraine is a closer country, with European ambitions, and will have to tow the line on certain things if it wants to join certain structures. 2/2

@thelonelydalek @CaaOperator @youngiam99 @QuickFang_ @tuffy______ @samstreetwrites from Ukraine have no agency, they only do American bidding, that's the only thing such countries can ever do. You're a bigot, sir. 4. You see Ukraine as proxy of America and neoliberal left, and you hate Ukraine, because you project on them your hatred of American establishment.

@thelonelydalek @CaaOperator @youngiam99 @QuickFang_ @tuffy______ @samstreetwrites 1. Nobody said I was born in US. 2. Nobody expected Ukraine to last long, Ukrainians chose to fight for themselves. Even as Germany and France beg them to just give up, because their business is suffering. 3. You display typical western arrogance: those eastern European apes 1/2

@thelonelydalek @CaaOperator @youngiam99 @QuickFang_ @tuffy______ @samstreetwrites I'm saying - you're a contrarian who hates Ukraine only because neoliberal elites support them. Your politics are reactionary. If they chose differently - so would you, just to "own" them.

@thelonelydalek @CaaOperator @youngiam99 @QuickFang_ @tuffy______ @samstreetwrites Also - "clash with government"? So you admit they don't represent Ukraine. So you can stop blame the entire nation for them. Thanks for contradicting your earlier points and admitting I was right.

@thelonelydalek @CaaOperator @youngiam99 @QuickFang_ @tuffy______ @samstreetwrites Yes, now, because the situation changed, they seek how to profit from it. I don't love it, but it is what it is, better than the alternative. But going to war was not the original plan - they gave Ukraine to Putin for quiet exploitation not too long ago, but he "ruined it".

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