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Important meeting with EU Defence Ministers in Stockholm. As Russia’s war of aggression grinds on, we need to step up and sustain our support so that Ukraine prevails. This includes boosting #NATO Allies’ stockpiles of ammunition, and focusing on joint procurement. #EU2023SE

Honoured to join PM @kajakallas & President @vonderleyen in Tallinn to mark Independence Day. #Estonia knows freedom is not for free. #NATO & the EU stand with #Ukraine in its fight for freedom.

One year since #Russia's illegal invasion of #Ukraine, we stand united in #NATO & with the Ukrainian people. We will support you with what you need to prevail as an independent nation. I wish you strength. I wish you courage. I wish you success. And I wish you victory.

Discussed with FM @DmytroKuleba & EU High Rep @JosepBorrellF how we can step up support for #Ukraine 1 year since Russia’s illegal invasion. Our procurement experts will meet & #NATO will help Ukraine develop effective & transparent weapons procurement system.

Good to speak with British PM @RishiSunak on #NATO support to #Ukraine. We need to do all we can to ensure Ukraine can prevail as an independent sovereign nation. Its future is within the Euro-Atlantic family.

Great meeting with Prime Minister @Statsmin Mette Fredriksen at #MSC2023. I thanked her for #Denmark's strong contributions to our Alliance & steadfast support for #Ukraine. #NATO Allies are united & determined to stand with Ukraine for the long haul.

Good to meet President @AndrzejDuda and thank him for #Poland's strong contributions to #NATO, as well as its leading role in providing support to #Ukraine. We will continue to stand together to protect and defend every inch of NATO territory.

#NATO Defence Ministers addressed key issues for our shared security, taking steps to strengthen deterrence & defence, boost stockpiles, and protect critical undersea infrastructure. We continue to step up support for #Ukraine in their fight for freedom. #defmin

#NATO Ministers meet at a critical time. It is almost one year since #Russia's brutal invasion of an independent sovereign nation. Moscow underestimated #Ukraine's bravery & NATO unity. We will step up & sustain our support for as long as it takes. #defmin

Excellent discussions with @SecBlinken @SecDef Austin & NatSec advisor @jakejsullivan on our continued support to #Ukraine & global security challenges. Thanked them for #US leadership. #NATO stands united at this critical moment.

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