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@Amydoraymifaso @astrodude78574 @joncoopertweets It is Putin鈥檚 fault this happened inflation or high gas prices and tell Putin attacked the Ukraine it鈥檚 all Russia鈥檚 fault all of it and they should be held accountable for hours

@astrodude78574 @joncoopertweets The Biden administration and the Democrats are not failing inflation is not their fault in either of the gas prices at all stem from the war in the Ukraine that Russia initiated this is not a Failed administration the one that failed really is Trump

@eplus2000 @gallam_melody @robreiner Inflation is not Biden鈥檚 fault either are the gas prices what鈥檚 going on is coming from the Ukraine they were sending wheat all over the world not anymore the Russians stole all of it Russia is the aggressor

@eplus2000 @gallam_melody @robreiner #Biden is not a disaster he鈥檚 doing the best he can right now but the high gas prices with Information which all came from the war in Ukraine that the Russians started give me a break don鈥檛 blame Biden finds a good man and honest man not like the other joker we had

@HerminiaMccorm3 @Wylene13 @Bubblyjay2 @robreiner Not weed wheat we were getting a lot from the Ukraine do you know the Russian stole tons of wheat from the UkraineUkraine was sending wheat all over the world no more thanks to Russia

@HerminiaMccorm3 @Wylene13 @Bubblyjay2 @robreiner The inflation was not caused by buying the high gas prices are not caused by bad blame it on the Russians that annihilated the Ukraine I think Joe Biden is a good man I think Trump is a shameful person

@telebusiness I don鈥檛 know what to say restaurant deserves to lose everything for what they did to those four people in the Ukraine but I guess United States and France will suffer what about all those poor souls that have died for no reason in the Ukraine Russia has totally wiped out Ukraine

@davenewworld_2 @undacuvabrutha I think Joe Biden is an honest good man and he鈥檚 doing the best he Cham considering what we鈥檙e going through now it鈥檚 climate change in the war in the Ukraine gas prices inflationBetter than what we had before

@DeakinDeakin @Lisa723Kelly @Jim_Jordan All this nonsense started when Russia invaded the Ukraine Ukraine was supplying a lot of wheat to the United States in Europe but now no wheat because Russia took all of it United States is not buying any oil from Russia none now we go to Saudi Arabia

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