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@JackPosobiec Everyone is calling for it to end. By Russia leaving Ukraine and return to their own borders. So easy to do!

@Anne_Other1 @Channel4News @lindseyhilsum So a bunch of nobody's said something. There is no justification for what Russia has done. They did this to Georgia in 2008, then Ukraine in 2014 and now Ukraine again 2022. Putin has himself said he doesn't think Ukraine should exist and wants to recreate the Russian Empire.

@wallacemick Or it leaves all Ukraine open to Russian genocide. Who then march into Poland and the Baltics. You do notice Russia is the aggressor here? It's their forces invading and killing Ukrainians.

@profwolff Ukraine wouldn't need any tanks at all if that fascist Putin hadn't invaded.

@mfa_russia @mod_russia @RusEmbUSA @RussianEmbassy @RusMission_EU @AmbRusFrance @EmbajadaRusaRu @EmbRusiaMexico @RusEmbSwe @RusEmbNo @RusEmbTurkey You do know that no one believes a word you say? I mean seriously. You invaded Ukraine, committed egregious war crimes and you post this? Sad people.

@DrJillStein You do realise Putin won't stop in Ukraine if he succeeds. The Kremlin and their media mouth pieces have clearly and frequently said as much.

@guyverhofstadt Yes, the time has passed for token support. I'm sure Putin would be shaking (more than he does already) in his boots if he thought I unplugged my Xmas trea lights. Send Ukraine the equipment it needs. All our lives depend on it.

@aaronjmate That's funny, most people blame Russia for Russia invading Ukraine. They annexed Crimea in 2014 and formented civil dissent in the Donbas. Because their puppet president was overthrown.

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