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@KimDotcom @dogeofficialceo @elonmusk The US wants Russia on her knees and will use Ukraine as their proxy for as long as it takes, or until Ukraine no longer exists.

@TamrikoT @elonmusk @StonksReddit @rschmied @spideycyp_155 @SawyerMerritt @SpaceX I believe he's a peaceful man, has been discovering how heinous the American deep state is and is now discovering the same about Ukraine. The war hinges on his support of Ukraine, without his help it would be over and the killing will stop.

Precisely the reason NATO won't accept Ukraine into the alliance

How can anyone watch this and be ok with what Israel is doing and has been doing for years, much like what Ukraine has been doing to Donbas.

@RareFlowerGrow @SenatorWong One of Ukraine's chief officials was fired for spreading these lies. Denisova, was her name.

@paweldebik @anders_aslund You have been happy to support the attempted genocide of ethnic Russians for 8yrs. I'm not the one dancing in Kiev nightclubs whilst that has been occurring and I take no joy in seeing what's happening now, but Ukraine reaps what is sows.

@paweldebik @anders_aslund I'm astonished at your attempt to ignore 8yrs of bloodshed in the Donbas. Putin attempted peace with the Minsk accords, which were not adhered to by Ukraine. Did you expect him to watch for another 8yrs until all ethnic Russians were "cleansed" from Ukraine?

The world does not mean what you think it means. Most of the world support Russia, because Ukraine is full of Nazi terrorists who murder civilians, throw them in mass graves and film themselves doing it.

Lies. Ukraine bombed and killed the people of Donbas for 8yrs before Putin finally said, "Enough!"

Like the West ignoring Nazi insignia on Ukraine and the war crimes those Nazis commit, like murdering civilians, dumping them in a pit, recording themselves doing it and brazenly sharing it on social media.

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