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Ukraine’s Ambassador to Germany: 1 Elon Musk: 0 😁 #Ukraine #Russia https://t.co/X2BHpAH9No

Kadyrov blames the commander who was in charge of the Liman sector for the recent failure! He adds Russia should consider using some tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine. ☢️

The entry of Donbass, Zaporozhye and Kherson region into the Russian Federation does not change NATO's determination to support Ukraine - NATO Secretary General. Now we cannot accept Ukraine into NATO - Stoltenberg

NATO condemns Russian annexation of Ukrainian territory, but alliance is not party to conflict, Stoltenberg said. They will continue providing support to Ukraine, but not NATO membership at this moment.

Since World War 2 the world hasn’t seen a Germany as humiliated as it is today. The federal parliament of Germany, Bundestag has voted against the increasing arms supplies to Ukraine. 179 MPs voted for versus 476 against. https://t.co/tT1VKpJmbf

#Russian defence minister calls up 300000 reservists to prepare for fight in #Ukraine. 👀

@HuXijin_GT He said today's era in not for war. He did not say anything about "Special Operations". Something which, the Russians claim they are doing in Ukraine. We can do that too.. in the right time and place.. 😁

@Cold_Peace_ May be this is the reward to Pakistan for supplying weapons to Ukraine last month.

@Cold_Peace_ May this is a reward to Pakistan for supplying weapons to Ukraine last month.

The 128th Mountain Assault Brigade of Armed Forces of Ukraine, that was transferred from western Ukraine for the offensive, has been almost completely destroyed. https://t.co/2xhATWA6F1

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