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@UnknownClient2 @SamTheBamMan @SchweriDaniel @KyivIndependent The war in Ukraine has never been fully about UKR and RUS .The US strategy for regime change in Moscow has been long in prep.Expansion of Nato members all along Russia鈥檚 borders is a threat to Russia that has to be neutralized.If you were the President of Russia you'd do the same

@Hisojan @Illeatuiswear @goolandthekang @SchweriDaniel @KyivIndependent Lol bitter fucks on twitter can't handle hearing the truth 馃槀 i said enough but if you haven't had the time to read my other 13 tweets from today i'll make it short for you : Ukraine deserved what they got . That's my personal opinion

@santafe4ever @goolandthekang @SchweriDaniel @KyivIndependent You said you served in military so you MUST know that's impossible. The Russians have technologies that they haven't even used.Russia invaded Ukraine with infantry, old Russian tanks and jets and the whole world is supporting them yet they are losing . Imagine them pushing 馃挴 %

@goolandthekang @SchweriDaniel @KyivIndependent Winter is coming yet US and EU have made no real progress in restoring the JCPOA deal.China is building a Jet carrier near taiwan prepping in order to invade taiwan,Ukraine also has its issues. You can't make yourself multiple enemies and fight them at the same time.USA is a joke

@santafe4ever @goolandthekang @SchweriDaniel @KyivIndependent I live in EU also these i just mentioned were only facts although i know the war has been horrible for the people of Ukraine. Russia also never uses UAVs against normal civil citizens. You didn't care about the war in Yemen, Palestine ,Iraq and Afghanistan .You only see yourself

@goolandthekang @SchweriDaniel @KyivIndependent They'll use the Iranian drones to find and target the American weaponry in the battlefield like LAVs, Tanks and artillery without Russia losing its precious Su35 Jets .Ukraine uses IGLA on jets but Iglas cant lock on the drones ,i know you thought you had a nice take there but ..

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