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@michaeldweiss @RadioFreeTom Five. 3000 appointees at any given time in an Administration and my guess is double that number over the 8 years of Reagan. It鈥檚 just not the case that the Reaganauts have embraced Putin (and I don鈥檛 think DJT or RDS have either.) Hyperbole doesn鈥檛 help Ukraine. Reason does.

@michaeldweiss And start with @marklevinshow tweets on Ukraine. Like me, Mark actually did many years in the Reagan Administration. Your first comment was specifically about those folks. Pointers please?

@michaeldweiss How in the world you can conclude skeptics of Ukraine 鈥渂lank check鈥 are pro-Putin astonished me MW. I鈥檓 a hawk on aid to Ukraine but folks who disagree on level and kind of aid are not Putin apologists. The gulf there is enormous.

Audio/transcript of this AM interview w/ Senator @MarcoRubio. The senator is not running for president and his commentary on Ukraine is worth reading or hearing:

Another big tank battle in Ukraine; another big Russian loss. From 鈦@nytimes鈦 (

@peterbakernyt @saletan @CSIS 鈥淭he West, including the United States, should prepare for a protracted war and long-term support to Ukraine.鈥

Next: Admiral @stavridisj (USN, Ret.) on the very surprising path and possible future course of the war in Ukraine on this the first anniversary of Putin's second invasion of Ukraine.

鈥淏eijing has said it would release on Feb. 24, the one-year anniversary of the invasion, details of a proposal to bring peace in Ukraine, though the notion of China acting as a mediator has been met with deep skepticism in the U.S. and Europe.鈥

I am pretty sure that all things Ukraine will be discussed on today's show by my guest host, @KurtSchlichter. Thanks to him for covering for me this AM, and w/ great guests including @SenMikeLee, Senator @Eric_Schmitt, and @JerryHendrixII. Back tomorrow.

Memo to GOP: It's not the size of the check that counts, it is what it buys. Ukraine military aid hawks have to bang this drum: Great the @POTUS went to Kyiv and promised more military aid, but what weapons are Ukrainians buying?

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