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@RealWayneRoot OMG I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU ARE ALLOWED ON THE AIR such lies! Trump wants to destroy the Constitution not Dems. I see you work for RUSSIA wanting to aid in our not supporting Ukraine NOW IT IS CLEAR! KILL AMERICANS AID RUSSIA IS WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT destroy the USA TRAITOR!!!!!

@jdcrawford1962 The USA is a Great nation. Compare it to Belarus, MyanMar, Iran, Ukraine being attacked, China, Russia and you should see we have freedom and it is great. We must fight destruction of our Constitution that protects us by Trump!

Putin attacking Ukraine increased our national debt hurts our economy too don't you see how that helps his puppet Trump? The increase in sales tax nationally of 30% Republicans are wanting will only hurt us more. So will destruction of the Constitution as Trump wants.

I do NOT at this moment. I think he is spending a lot on Ukraine but he has been helpful to human survival whereas I feel Trumps separating children from families was a crime against humanity and pure evil.

@VP @POTUS We need to point this out over and over again but I'm sure we will be hit back with the high price of food and gas and increase in national debt. So sad Putin is helping his puppet I think by the war in Ukraine increasing our debt so Democrats look bad or just to hurt Democracy.

@Radiocranking @Jim_Jordan Jordan defends Trump as he helps Russia against Ukraine and our allies and us. Look what they did? The J6, trying to hang VP, destroy Constitution attempt now, elect Putin Puppet again after he stole secret documents and may have shared with Putin for God's sake wake the hell up!

Jordan has a purpose look what he has done who he helped. Defending Trump helped Russia as Trump had delayed aid to Ukraine, Trump sets people out to attack the Capital J6 Russia loves that, they try to hang the VP Russia loves it, Trump steals documents, Russia loves that, T etc

HE DEFENDED THE MAN WHO ATTACKED OUR NATION!!! He defended the man who delayed aid to Ukraine while they were being attacked by Russia!!!! HE DOES NOT ACT TO PROTECT YOU!!! He helps Russia by doing this!!!!

@NATOBrazeB @jensstoltenberg I'd like to see Ukraine stop being the victim and start being the aggressor and that would stop Putin if they did I believe.

@EthanBearman It's past time for Ukraine to take out some of Putin's cherished people and do some invasions of their own. Putin is asking for it and needs to be obliged.

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