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@SenSchumer @POTUS Democrats are the worst for the USA: leaderless, corrupted, horrible policies = bad econ, open border, high crime, War in Ukraine, and an anti America ideology which all has become the legacy of todays Dem party.@GOP @HouseGOP @SpeakerMcCarthy @FoxNews https://t.co/fBRXv6KR9r

@RepMTG This is why we must place certain conditions on Ukraine @DefenceU @ZelenskyyUa in order for them to get OUR money! No more corruption in Ukraine! @RepMcCaul @SpeakerMcCarthy @HouseGOP @SenateGOP

@TravisAllen02 @POTUS By whom? A bunch of clueless liberals? Putin doesn鈥檛 respect Biden鈥 hence Putin invaded Ukraine!

@Ultraseal71 @Bubblebathgirl @POTUS We need the help! If Biden wasn鈥檛 such a weak, feeble inept President, Putin would not have invaded Ukraine in the first place!

@CarlosEGates1 @WoodrowForCO @GOP Wrong. Let鈥檚 examine facts of what @HouseDemocrats & @POTUS Biden have done in the last two years鈥(below) plus other issues (higher crime, supply chain, Afghan withdrawal disaster, Putin invading Ukraine, etc) https://t.co/VKdImjF1Ia

@mrjrlove @MSNBC Biden and the Dem party are the destroyers of the USA via Soros鈥 funding. Plain and simple. Biden is a weak feckless man thus Putin invaded Ukraine and North Korea is launching their missiles. Fact: No invasion occurred under Trump. https://t.co/fcjsmkaCug

@MSNBC Under a strong Trump @realDonaldTrump as President, Putin was put in check. Under a weak, feeble @JoeBiden , Putin invaded Ukraine. @GOP @GOPLeader @FoxNews @CNN @NEWSMAX @GovRonDeSantis https://t.co/frmfhISP1J

@RepJeffries Lie! Dems have hurt the USA from day 1 with @POTUS in office & his 40+ EOs. Biden/Dems anti-oil policy is a driving factor behind our disastrous Econ plus Biden鈥榮 weakness as a man giving rise to Putin invading Ukraine. @GOP @GOPLeader @FoxNews https://t.co/UcypFrbo3f

@theprism89 @POTUS We鈥檙e not ready to fight Russia! if we were, we鈥檇 have troops, tanks & bombers involved in the war. We鈥檙e just giving Ukraine limited equipment so they can fight but it is not going to be over for a long time because Putin won鈥檛 stop. #Libsareidiots

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