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@Karlof88 @Logically_JC @NotHoodlum O but Joe Biden who verbally said I am not going to give the money to the Ukraine unless they stop investigating my son is that a crime I seem to think so how come you don鈥檛?????

@JoJoFromJerz Why don鈥檛 you convince your presidential friend to send some military down south to fix the problem Instead of sending them to places like the Middle East and stop sending the Ukraine money and send it down to Mexico and fix the problem

@OopsieWhimsy @atrupar @MeidasTouch Why don鈥檛 you get Joe Biden to answer some tough questions what about all the collusion between him the Chinese and the Ukraine you鈥檙e just going to avoid it I guess that makes you a co-conspirator

@CNBC If you guys want to do something good why don鈥檛 you get Joe Biden out of his bunker and take him to the border or the Ukraine

@ThatHeathLife @JoJoFromJerz So our sitting president caters to the Soviets by bying there oil and doing deals with Putin behind closed door and says he鈥檚 giving weapons and money to Ukraine???????? Colllllllllusion

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