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Vladimir Harkonnen
WILL FOLLOW ALL CONSERVATIVES WHO FOLLOW ME!!! DUNE Super Fan, Boston Terrier & Mini Blue Heeler Owner, Cultists of Cthulhu, Durin鈥檚 Folk #TheFandomMenace
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@joeav33 https://t.co/2veHqYtzdt 144 wins to 10 loses.....yeah he鈥檚 not going to retake the White House in November 2024.....people love high gas prices and groceries, missing baby formula, CRT in schools, giving Ukraine billions and Americans nothing and all the other shit!

@joeav33 @FoxNews @KellyannePolls Your guy sucks at everything! He鈥檒l suffer a bigger defeat than Trump did! It鈥檚 just problem after problem! Keep up your BS, Sorry I couldn鈥檛 find a meme that covered all the issues like baby formula, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Hunter, raising crime and homelessness. https://t.co/l40LhwmBF9

@JoJoFromJerz Can鈥檛 ride a bike, get gas prices down, lower inflation, get more baby formula, end the war in Ukraine, fix the border or supply issues, finish a full sentence, get student loan relief done, etc, etc, etc! But watch Democrats defend him to their ruin!!!! November is coming!!! https://t.co/3Cm7vHNp5g

@R53518378Daniel @LilDivaz1 @ElectionWiz @redsteeze It doesn鈥檛 even cover the missing baby formula, the crashing stock market and crypto, Afghanistan pullout disaster or us fighting a proxy war with Russia through Ukraine and sending them 59 billion dollars while Americans are suffering.

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