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@ricwe123 Anyone thinking that Ukraine is open and western country have seen only Kiev. Once you go to suburbs and start speaking foreign language you will attract problems. Even locals advise not to free-roam in Ukraine as foreigner. Reminds me of Baltics just 30-years ago

@WallStreetSilv Funny how they blame war in Ukraine and not relentless money prenting

@200_zoka Ukraine is not enough, NATO wants another war country bordering with Russia

@mudsocksII CVOID was a perfect example on how easy it is to manipulate masses. Same goes with Ukraine now

@LvivTyler Anyone arguing that Crimea is Ukraine needs to do 2 things. First grab and ready history books, not just 1991 events. Second read about demographics in Crimea.

@NaszczelnikPiSu @WarMonitors What about Ukraine becomes neutral and stops stacking Nato army and shelling Donbass

@thatdayin1992 Now they publicly admit that Nato armed Ukraine and let them to build army which moved towards Russian borders. Minsk agreement was farce by west

@CheburekiMan To take on Kiev was never in plans of Russia and Donbass will be used as buffer zone against Nato. Nato army shouldn't be in Ukraine, but they advanced further to the east knowingly what could happen, miss-calculated now..

@Trollstoy88 yeah right...Remember history started in Feb 2022, all these mercenaries in Ukraine are volunteering. Rinse and repeat.

@Trollstoy88 Rules have been broken by Ukraine using chemical weapons as well

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