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Democrat for Life!! we must stand up to the indecency of the @GOP ! VOTING RIGHTS ARE OUR RIGHT INDICT TRUMP NOW
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DAMMIT! Peter Thiel is helping Ukraine, I can't be nasty about him anymore! https://t.co/v9O5hpxbMQ

@NATO PLEASE speed up help to Ukraine , and let them in! Innocent civilians and children are being targeted! https://t.co/WvQFY3b6Kv

@NATO. Admit Ukraine now! You're just letting them get murdered ! Do you think Putin will just stop the madness?? He won't https://t.co/jDV8MaC98X

@MirrorBreaking_ That's rich since Putin is the idiot that started this by trying to steal Ukraine

If he was a good leader, he'd pull his troops from Ukraine . He's hurting his own country and embarrassing Russian https://t.co/YnhcNgHXTD

Then PUTIN , should immediately leave all of Ukraine and stop attacking another country ! https://t.co/36ODpWAnY9

And it was promptly taken back from Russia! What if Ukraine steaks a chunk of Russia , just says , hey , we are gonna take this ? Wouldn't be acceptable would it pooty Putin https://t.co/lQRr9OJOgU

@SpeakerPelosi Shut up ! Absolutely let Ukraine in! You've become stake and hateful https://t.co/smuRnucSUD

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