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@RichardEngel Because of America's past ill-considered war incursions, the American public is always going to be skeptical. But Russia's invasion of Ukraine, our commitment to NATO, and future threats to Europe, make this a conflict we cannot ignore.

@MittRomney @NormOrnstein Most of the complaints against Romney's important message are short-sighted and lack any understanding of the global implications of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The stability of NATO nations and all of Europe for that matter is critical to the long term interests of the Nation

@WalshFreedom The war in Ukraine would be over, and Europe would sit precariously in Russia's path!

@TheRickWilson Folks like Gaetz don't hold principled beliefs, have any understanding of issues relating to Ukraine, but seize opposing positions only to attract attention. It's a sad reflection of GOP politics in the 21st Century.

@RonFilipkowski In other words hand the keys to the Ukraine to Putin!

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