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Welp, we're giving another $820 million to Ukraine. America has given more money to Ukraine in five months than we spent in the first year of the Iraq War and the first two years of the Afghanistan War

I hope all of the neocons with Ukraine flags in their bio who get all macho about defending Ukraine will soon realize that we've done nothing but lead them into a destructive war that will result in a worse outcome for the Ukrainian people and more power for Putin.

If we truly cared about the well-being of Ukraine, we would be brokering peace negotiations. Instead, we're going to give them a blank check to prolong a war for years that they will not win. Ukraine will become a war torn wasteland while a few elites become rich.

Biden: "For all Republicans criticizing me for high gas prices in America, are you now saying we were wrong to support Ukraine and stand up to Putin? Are you saying that we'd rather have lower gas prices in America than Putin's iron fist in Europe?"

Biden: "To the companies running gas stations and setting those prices at the pump, this is a time of war, global peril, Ukraine. These are not normal times. Bring down the price you are charging at the pump. Do it now."

@tnix113 @DanielDiMartino Well, in a few years when Ukraine is a war torn wasteland, when ordinary citizens in both countries are broke and displaced while transnational elites reap the spoils, I hope your neocon crusade against Putin was worth Ukraine not simply pledging to remain a neutral country.

@tnix113 @DanielDiMartino Dude, you're soon going to realize that cheerleading Ukraine into fighting a war they cannot win and western governments prolonging that war while making the quality of life for ordinary citizens worse, none of which actually stopped Putin, was not exactly smart diplomacy.

This guy lied about having evidence of collusion, lied about coordinating with the Trump whistleblower, lied about Trump鈥檚 phone call with Ukraine, lied about Hunter鈥檚 laptop being Russian disinfo, read the Steele Dossier into the congressional record. He lies like he breathes.

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