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Mykhailo Golub
STAND4UA 馃嚭馃嚘: Your donations in full amount go directly to support vulnerable people in Ukraine https
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An Israeli man came back to Ukraine to protect his land of birth

Ukraine will be forced to liberate Belarus then

@minna_alander Ukraine also does a terrific job delivering energy to the EU

Tel Aviv was modeled after Odessa. Israel should start helping Ukraine fight at least Iranian weapons.

Russia overtakes everyone in weapons supply to Ukraine

This what you get in your mailbox in Germany. Anti-wax and anti-Ukraine conspiracy propaganda

Russia sent 200,000 soldiers to Ukraine at the beginning of the year. They were all crushed. The new batch of 300,000 will meet the same fate, only it will take much less time to render them void.

Oh, poor Russian invaders in Ukraine. That鈥檚 gEnoCide

Oh no. How can we help in Ukraine?

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