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Just because the political elite in some Western countries have failed miserably on human rights doe
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@BusinessGamesAI For me, a small minority cannot be a reason to invade a country and destroy its civil infrastructure. If Ukraine is being criticised in this situation at least Russias attack should be condemned at the same time. I assume one could quote a lot of Russians saying such things.

@ThugsEmpire 2022 was not an act of terrorism but an act of war. Russia attacked Ukraine, Ukraine in its defense attacked Russian assets. Russia destroyed much more civil infrastructure in a much more devastating way thank Ukraine - even before the attack on the bridge.

@ma6en0ka @Grosis @KimDotcom Someone provokes me and I hit that person in the face, I am still the guilty one. Russia felt provoked and attacked Ukraine. Russia is still the aggressor and guilty. It鈥榮 a simple as that.

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