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Gab @GH_Eliason American investigative journalist in Donbass covering the war. I deepdive into events shaping global and regional politics.
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@Stephen00762281 @elonmusk @tntradiolive People came out in droves under shelling to vote for their lives. There really isn't any political consideration. Ukraine passed laws a little while back making them enemies of the state. Ukraine refused them representation for the previous 8 years before that.

@KimIversenShow Why do people believe the same #infowar professionals that gave us #Russiagate, are turning #republicans into domestic terrorists and support #Biden on an issue they are pushing to make happen? NATO is in Ukraine. all stop.

National security adviser Jake Sullivan told a Ukrainian official on Sunday that any individual or entity who supports Russia鈥檚 annexation of regions in eastern and southern Ukraine will face 鈥渟evere鈥 consequences.

#Ukraine shelled a bus stop, at least 13 dead, a market- 3 dead, and a home- a 1 year old and 10 year old are dead.

#Russia is supposed to hold a press conference on this today. This step legally unties Russia's hands in a big way to address #NATO fighters already in #Ukraine as well as foreign mercs by increasing troop levels and combat objectives and targeting.

Because there are so many foreign troops on the ground, #LNR and #DNR are moving their referendums to join #Russia from November to this weekend. This is being considered on all the freed territories. Should Ukraine have honored Minsk instead of pushing for war?

Ukraine just bombed the General Prosecutor's office in Lugansk. Unknown number of people dead.

@EvaKBartlett Ukraine has been destroying energy infrastructure systematically in Donbass for 8 years. Even now, there are towns that have been without water for years because every time it's fixed Ukraine hits it again.

Mira Terada from the Foundation to Battle Injustice came by to discuss the Myrotvorets kill list and all the children Ukraine put on it.

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