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Every Russian Commander in the chain of orders for acts like this will be held accountable by a War Crimes Tribunal after Ukraine wins this War. We, the international community, should establish a Tribunal now and put Russian Commanders on notice...they cannot act with impunity.

A senior manager from a major investment firm told me there will be no investments into rebuilding Ukraine if there is no ironclad security guarantee for Ukraine. Ukraine will have no security so long as Russia occupies Crimea. @alex_owski @EURACTIV

@ClemMinister Actually, they won't be bombing Crimean people. Unlike Russian forces who attack apartment buildings across Ukraine, Ukrainian use of precision strike against Russian military facilities in Sevastopol, Saky, Dzankoy etc will actually minimize collateral damage.

"A nation鈥檚 army is drawn from its people, and a nation鈥檚 army reflects the character and values of the society...Putin鈥檚 autocratic kleptocracy is thus far proving no match for Ukraine鈥檚 agile democracy." Beautiful by LTG (Ret) Mark Hertling.

"The visual contrast between an American president with his signature aviator sunglasses walking in sunny downtown Kyiv with the pugnacious, eloquent president of Ukraine and a Russian president who has yet to visit the war zone is striking." @EliotACohen

Exactly what our President should be doing...personal presence to convey American commitment. I hope POTUS will use this opportunity to say that US policy is for Ukraine to win, to eject Russia from all Ukrainian territory, and that we will do all that is necessary.

How did so much defeatest hand-wringing "expertise" 馃槦get into one article? Ukraine wins this war this year if West decides it wants that to happen and we provide UKR all they need. "Very difficult..." of course, esp if we don't give them the right tools.

This is the creative approach we need to ensure Ukraine is able to get the most effective use of the systems the West has provided. Vindman leads new push to send military contractors to Ukraine via @politico

@PatDonahoeArmy, former CG of the US Army's Maneuver Center of Excellence (tank and infantry training), seems more optimistic than anyone at RAND and most others. I trust his assessment. RAND experts fear stalemate, 鈥榝rozen conflict鈥 in Ukraine

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