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@AdamKinzinger I鈥檓 all for Ukraine but Crimea has been historically Russia. They even fought England and France for it in the 19th century.

@TheLibertariDan @jaxtruthtalk @JoJoFromJerz @benshapiro Are you really saying that you know more about racism than Obama? Firing a gun in the air can be illegal depending on where you live. Democrats were not against getting the vaccine. Trump was impeached for blackmailing Ukraine. Trump partied hard with Epstein for over 10 years.

@TheLibertariDan @jaxtruthtalk @JoJoFromJerz @benshapiro Obama wasn鈥檛 offended so it doesn鈥檛 bother me. He did say that about guns. And? You鈥檙e not going to die from Covid if you got the shot. Saved lives as opposed to telling people to not get vaccinated. Trump not biden tried to blackmail Ukraine Trump not biden was Epstein friend

@Sounds_4_People It鈥檚 reported that Russia already has 80,000 casualties from their invasion of Ukraine. That does not sound like taking care of your people to me. US has mutually assured destruction policy so a nuclear strike will not end well for either country.

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