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Jewish human joke encyclopedia. Zionist. Lawyer, 3 Stooges fan, political moderate, so I get criticized by everyone. I usually block Zionophobes & antisemties.
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@vkaramurza I've noticed many Israel-haters praise Putin. Not surprising - they wish they could invade Israel like he invaded Ukraine.

@z7654321 @christogrozev @AnaMartinsGomes Putin is hoping for a harsh winter, to freeze out EU support for Ukraine.

@SaraReyi Ukrainians weren't running up to Russians walking down the street, &nging knives into their necks. Ukraine wasn't firing terror missiles into Russia. Ukraine wasn't teaching 5-year-old kids to hate & kill Russians. Ukraine wasn't claiming all of Russia as "sacred Ukrainian land."

@Scott_Cheeg @BenjaminJPG @Reuters So do u mock Iranian forces sent to die in Syria, and Russian soldiers dying in Ukraine?

@Qudsn_en The main "accomplishment" was bamboozling much of the West into condemning Israel for accidentally killing some Gaza civilians, while trying to stop Hamas from purposely killing Israeli civilians. However, Russia's assault on Ukraine provides better perspective for next time.

@JoBiGutenburg02 Ask the people of Hong Kong how they feel, being politically oppressed by China. Most of them would tell u they were doing just fine, without heavy handed domination. As was Ukraine. As is Taiwan. People prefer to be left alone.

@TelegraphWorld By the time he wastes his armed forces in Ukraine, Putin should worry about former satellite states attacking him.

Anyone who supports Russia's aggression against Ukraine should ask themselves if they know more about what's going on than the Russian Counsellor to the UN.

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