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European leaders struggle to find ‘common cause’ on energy and Ukraine https://t.co/SLd2eq11q3

Russian troops retreat from front lines in southern Ukraine https://t.co/KuRdg9K3Yg

Ukraine demands more stable financial support from EU https://t.co/r5CvW5hlFD

Military briefing: Which nuclear weapons could Putin use against Ukraine? https://t.co/YW7pAKIwE9

Military briefing: How will Russia’s mobilisation affect the war in Ukraine? https://t.co/RiIJgA0SMv

Putin has once again overplayed his hand in Ukraine https://t.co/W2BdyZJ3Vt

‘Everyone will get snatched off the street’: mobilisation brings Ukraine war home to Russians https://t.co/XRyHavRavZ

West shrugs off Putin’s nuclear ‘bluff’ and vows to keep up Ukraine support https://t.co/Ds2K3wVUuE

FirstFT: Nato accuses Russia of escalating Ukraine war https://t.co/63VvoSOPnd

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