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If you are for Peace and Human Rights, and oppose Apartheid and Ethnic Cleansing, you're pro-Israel Claiming otherwise reveals a liar and an antisemitic bigot
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@ACollectivist @HadiNasrallah Wrong! Ukraine and Israel are defending themselves. Pals and Russians are invaders.

@Akib36741421 @HadiNasrallah Russia is the aggressor. The Palestinians are the aggressor. Ukraine wants peace. Russia wants to steal Ukraine. Israel wants peace. The Palestinians want to steal Israel. Too hard for you?

.@SecBlinken condolences on the loss of your father馃げ On @60Minutes with @ScottPelley you said, "If Russia stops fighting the war ends. If Ukraine stops fighting Ukraine ends." Isn't it the same for #Israel? So why treat that war as if the #Palestinians have legitimate aims?

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